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8 Years PCB & PCBA Factory, PCB Manufacturing And SMT DIP Electronic Components Assembly, with excellent quality, advanced services and competitive prices. LMO has won numerous customers’ trust and support. LMO has been selected as the “excellent partner of the year” by numerous well-known enterprises, and won many domestic and authorized certifications at home and abroad, such as Chinese high-tech project certification, ISO9001, ISO14001, ISO13485, IATF16949 quality management system standard and customized CE, UL, FCC and other product certifications according to the customer’s requirements.
Due to our SMT chip processing service and good assembly service, millions of circuit boards are produced here every year, which provides superior service for automotive electronics, medical electronics, power communications, industrial automation, military, aviation & aerospace, intelligent home and other industries around the world. We will continue to improve our quality and service; customer satisfaction and development of science and technology are our eternal motivation.

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pcb assembly pcba service other PCB SMT
FPC board, Rigid-Flex PCB
Double-sided and multi-layer circuit boards
HDI high-density boards, IC packaging board,
SMT patch processing services for customers
Ceramicsubstrate, copper substrate, aluminum substrate

Our services based on you provide the related BOM, if you have real sample, thats will be better. Also need know the specific product.
Pcb Clone
SMT DIP Assembly
Components Sourcing
Full-Inspection and Test

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